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Dedicated to Detroit

The owners of Grand Trunk Pub, Whisky Parlor, Checker Bar, and POP have partnered with Offworld Arcade to create another authentic Detroit experience called POP + OFFWORLD. Located in the newly renovated space upstairs from the Checker Bar, POP + OFFWORLD features creative New York style pizza, a full bar, live entertainment and an immersive arcade experience seven days a week.

Offworld Arcade has been sharing its collection of arcade classics with the city of Detroit since 2014. This project marks the first official “landing site” for the nomadic crowd pleaser and will offer a curated selection of over 30 original, dedicated arcade games that span the entire history of gaming from the 70’s onward.

POP began on the second floor of the Checker Bar over two years ago as a pop-up venue which hosted local culinary events, live music, theatrical performances, art shows, and more. We’ve attempted to create a new Detroit original, incorporating pieces from our city's past, and the best of what todays entrepreneurs have to offer.

At the heart of our passion for Detroit is preserving and presenting the history of our great city. As we restore our buildings and expand our businesses we view each project as a time capsule - full of artifacts, stories, and inspiration from the past.

Our first venture, Grand Trunk Pub, represents the early years of Detroit’s rise to prominence, in architecture, transportation, and the joy of a great beer.

Over the years this grand building has served as a jewelry store, train ticket station, Irish pub, and much more. Each iteration leaving its mark, exemplifying the best of it’s time.

When we opened up the upper floors and created The Whisky Parlor, it was important to leave the nails in the ceiling from it’s days as a hardware store, hang the unique ‘Men’s Furnishings’ sign that graced the front of the building, and leave the buzzer in place that once rang the bell to open the entrance of what once was a speakeasy.

With the purchase of Checker Bar, it was an honor to strip back the layers and reveal the history of a more modern time in Detroit. We wanted to honor the origins of the legendary burger bar. From the 50’s to the 70’s Checker created a concept that has been imitated and built on uncountable times. A true Detroit original.

We are excited to move forward in history as we open the newly restored and remodeled second floor of Checker Bar. From the collage of fashion magazine ads that were uncovered on the walls, to the vintage video games, and the 80’s inspired murals by Michelle Tanguay, POP is sure to transport all that enter.